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Why Use the Flare-Lock System?

Makes Buying Shorter Flares More Economical

If an agency uses Flare-Lock they may purchase shorter flares without the fear of flares rolling off, which are cheaper each in price to a 30 minute flare, and provide more incremental stops after each flare. Thus, if a one hour incident normally calls for two 30 minute flares this time period may be broken up into four 15 or 20 minute flares. If at the end of 35 minutes the 30 minute flares would have burned one and left a second flare partially burned.

"Set and Forget"


My experience as a peace officer for 30 years is that field personnel are not willing to extinguish a road flare for future use. Thus, if four 15 or 20 minute flares were used and locked together by the Flare-Lock System, the responder could retrive one or two unburned flares and Flare-Locks. Over a period of time this could provide a substantial saving if field personnel are properly trained to retrive such items.


Thomas L. Garner, JD
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