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Flare-Lock Device Uses

Flare-Lock allows the use of road flares in many different ways and applications that was impossible in the past.
Law Enforcement

Flare-Lock allows first responders and other emergency personnel to set a flare pattern and not have to maintain, nor return to the flare pattern unless they are retrieving unused flares.

Properly configured, Flare-Locks allow emergency personnel to transport and carry large number of flares.

Flare-Locks are far safer than merely stacking flares, which can in inclement weather, roll off each other and possibly start fires in the surrounding brush, or flammable liquid spills. This product will reduce the possibility of such incidents occurring.

With standard equipment such as emergency road signs, road cones, and road side signs, Flare-Locks can be easily attached, to give height to road flares so that they can be seen by oncoming traffic from a greater distance.

  Fire Departments

Setting backfires with road flares is a common practice in most fire departments and forestry firefighters. Many times it is difficult to reach heavily brush areas or that are out of reach due to height or the possibility of snakes or other animals hiding in the brush areas. Flare-Lock can be quickly attached to a wood or metal pole to reach these types of areas.

Allows Professional Firework Display Companies to light fireworks displays with a road flare, at a safe distance.

NOTE: When the emergency scene has been secured, first responders may retrieve all flares and Flare-Locks that have not been consumed.

EMT Fire Works

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