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The Flare-Lock Device

Set and Forget

My experience in the field as a peace officer for 30 years, I noted a need for this product. The Flare-Lock product is a set and forget device, that locks a complete emergency flare pattern into a stationary position.

Flare-Lock, locks flares in the pattern set by the first responders and will not roll or move. This is extremely helpful at the scene of an emergency where, due to severe weather conditions, standard road flares roll away.


Flare-Locks are consumed as each flare burns, thus no retrieval is necessary just flare clean-up. Unburned flares and Flare-Locks can be retrieved and saved for another day.

Thus, Flare-Lock gives first responders a level of certainty, that they do not have to continually concern themselves with their flare patterns while handling an emergency scene, once the Flare-Lock flare pattern has been set.

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