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Flare-Locks Ensures a Safe Emergency Scene

The Flare-Lock device meets a need, long called for in police work, but has never been produced by anyone to meet this specific need. As a patrolman Mr. Garner realized that such a product would assist not only in law enforcement but had other application that could be utilized by first responders such as fire departments, state transportation agencies, and many others.

Though there are many new traffic warning devices now on the market, none are as visible at a distance in inclement weather as a standard road flare. Additionally, no other device is as economical and dependable as the standard road flare.


The Flare-Lock device take advantage of the attributes of road flares and enhances the use of a standard road flare, making it much more useful at the scene of a traffic accident or other emergency.

Additionally, the use of the Flare-Lock device makes the use of road flares more economical.

This web site has several photographs of several applications of the Flare-Lock Device.

Everyday, as we work with this product we find new applications that had not been initially identified.


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